A listener, a leader, an empath, a seven on the enneagram, but most importantly: a visual narrator, someone who will take that love story and turn it into art. I am an enthusiast: optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous. Playful, high-spirited, *and a total romantic*; I tend to dive in head first when it comes to my goals. Most importantly, I will be YOUR enthusiast, listener, leader, and empath. I will be playful, high-spirited and empathetic and dive head first into YOUR goals and your story. Whatever you're dreaming of is possible. Let's make it happen.

When you work with me you're getting...

A creative for the creatives

For the love of fun

For the fun of love



a wedding photographer for folks in mpls. Minnesota & beyond

for weddings and elopements
in Minnesota & beyond

I believe "home" can mean something far more than where you rest your head. I believe people are home, and new places that make you feel alive are home, too. I admire individualism, free spirits, creative minds and low-key people with big ol' dreams. I love trips to new places and the joy of first time sights. Capturing these moments for folks is a dream come true.

I've got a love for the old-fashioned; the slow process of a pour-over in the morning, the nostalgia of a long road trip, the feeling of holding a 4x6 in your hand as you reminisce with your siblings... I love old film and dusty treasure and people who are full of stories. I love hearing how people met and how they make each other light up with joy. I love romance in all forms, between all folks.


Thrifting, everything.

Vintage Cameras and anything by wes anderson

The moon, esp. in crescent form

Biking everywhere

Accidentally becoming a cat mom

Calling Minneapolis, MN home

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a few of my favorite things.

SAmantha + Will

"Mo was incredible to work with from the day we booked. She brought energy, positivity, and fun to our wedding day and supported us throughout the whole day making
us feel like a true king and queen. AND THEN she gave us sneak peaks and I was in shock."

"Mo completely captured our day in the exact way i've always dreamed of"

Cassandra + Dylan

"We hired her for both our engagement and wedding photos, and they are so beautiful that I cry every time I look at them. Mo has such a calming energy, and she makes taking photos feel like a silly and fun adventure, not awkward posing. She is so good at capturing emotions and vibes, and I feel so lucky and grateful that we went with her for our big day."

"She became a forever friend within the first five minutes of meeting her"

Lily + Garrett

"Obviously her pictures are INSANE she is a LEGEND at this but more so what I was looking for was the funnest, adventurist, most positive girl I could find and Mo is PERFECT. We wanted to have a wedding with mountains and majestic views, but it was more important that we had our family and friends be able to make it. Mo made both dreams happen for us by coming with us on part of our honeymoon to Utah."

"We loved every second of it, every picture she's taken, and every bit of her!!"


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